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Player ID Player Name Total Earnings Rating Last Game
1 gla1ve Lukas Rossander $ 1456845 460 % 10 months ago
2 Magisk Emil Reif $ 1212242 506 % 10 months ago
3 TACO Epitacio De Melo $ 1073608 102 % 10 months ago
4 FalleN Gabriel Toledo $ 1034980 323 % 10 months ago
5 fer Fernando Alvarenga $ 1006730 22 % 11 months ago
6 coldzera Marcelo David $ 965782 241 % 1 year ago
7 s1mple Aleksandr Kostyliev $ 873015 708 % 10 months ago
8 flamie Egor Vasilyev $ 864502 179 % 1 year ago
9 olofmeister Olof Kajbjer $ 863351 377 % 10 months ago
10 NAF Keith Markovic $ 812156 380 % 10 months ago
11 Stewie2K Jake Yip $ 791650 361 % 10 months ago
12 NiKo Nikola Kovač $ 786727 622 % 10 months ago
13 GuardiaN Ladislav Kovács $ 763919 No Info 11 months ago
14 electronic Denis Sharipov $ 759116 664 % 10 months ago
15 EliGE Jonathan Jablonowski $ 750550 391 % 10 months ago
16 rain Håvard Nygaard $ 735088 605 % 10 months ago
17 tarik Tarik Celik $ 690045 225 % 10 months ago
18 nitr0 Nick Cannella $ 673700 No Info 1 year ago
19 Zeus Danylo Teslenko $ 655009 No Info 2 years ago
20 Twistzz Russel Van Dulken $ 650000 645 % 10 months ago

CSGO Players – Know Your Role

As top CSGO players, you will be assigned a role upon entering a team. Every player will have to know what that role entails in order to become the best CSGO player – mostly because based on your role, you will have different responsibilities. But what are these roles? And what is the Counter Strike player count? You can find the answers below.

Why Roles are Important with CSGO Players

When you are playing CSGO competitively, on an external platform, or during a match, you will be required to take on a role. Even when you are playing with random players, you will also be expected to take out a more-or-less-defined role – and while it may not be completely defined, you may rest assured that it’s definitely there.

Generally speaking, when you are playing at random, you will see that there is at least a person that is playing an entry fragger, an AWPer, or someone that tends to lurk around. You may choose to change the role that you were assigned mid-game if you wish to go on the offensive (or defensive). In most cases, however, the role you get will depend from person to person – but also from team to team.

These roles of CSGO pro players are assigned for only a simple reason: so that order can be kept. Certain CSGO players might be on the offensive, whereas the others might be on the defensive and support – and each of them will be crucial in keeping the team intact.

Determining the Player Roles in a CSGO Match

As mentioned, upon entering a CSGO round, you will have to determine which role you are going to choose that will put your team at an advantage. Depending on the game mode that you are going to choose, you may be joining teams with a CSGO player count of 2 up to 8 players. Those player roles break down as follows:

  • Entry Fragger: These players generally go in first and get the first kill. Since they have the purpose of breaking the rounds, they are generally the most Usually, the Counter Strike Global Offensive best player is assigned this role.
  • Refragger: Also known as the playmaker, this player comes behind the entry fragger and provides support for his kills. They are also responsive to concealing the entry fragger by flashing them in.
  • Strategy Caller: This player is responsible for strategy (positioning, timing, rotations, etc.) and is generally responsible for being the “brains” of the team.
  • Lurker: The purpose of the lurker is to gather as much information about the enemy as they can, and then relay the information to their team.
  • AWPer: This player type is responsible for winning range battles. They are offensive players and will have to rely quite a lot on good reflexes.

Final Thoughts

The best CSGO players should be able to do a little bit of everything – but once their purpose has been assigned, they will have to follow through with their responsibility. After all, the best Counter Strike player is the one that brings the most assets to the game.