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Team Name Earned Rating
1 AlHilal $ 341334 0.00
2 AlNassr $ 238934 0.00
3 MRS $ 232561 0.44
4 GMB $ 190000 0.00
5 KRL Clan $ 175000 0.00
6 SKADE $ 161595 0.00
7 NG FEM $ 157711 0.70
8 Najran $ 140000 0.00
9 Al Shabab $ 110934 0.00
10 BIG Ac $ 104657 0.08
11 AFK $ 102219 0.00
12 Finest $ 100250 0.00
13 AlFateh $ 98134 0.00
14 Mudhar $ 85333 0.00
15 ex-MAD Lions $ 81208 0.00
16 Al-Shoulla $ 81067 0.00
17 Tabarjal $ 76800 0.00
18 Aladalah $ 68267 0.00
19 ENTPRS $ 64546 0.00
20 Falcons $ 60263 0.00


Learning About CSGO Teams – The Importance of Strategy

Whenever you are playing any game, there is indeed a bit of truth in the fact that every action you make will keep you safe – but aside from that, every action that you do will also work in order to keep the CSGO teams safe as well.

This first-person style shooter is played with team formation – with each person from a team having their own purpose. To ensure that yours ends up being the best CSGO team, you will have to ensure that your actions and strategizing benefits your team. Start with a good Counter Strike team name and move forward from that.

The Number of Players per Match

Whenever entering a CSGO tournament or match, you will first have to join a team – with the number depending on exactly the kind of game mode that you enter. All Counter Strike teams will have a fixed number of players.

For example, if you enter CSGO pro teams in wingman mode, then it will be two against two: you sand your wingman versus your opponent and their wingman. The standard competitive mode features five players per Counter Strike team – each of them having their own assigned roles.

You may also go for a bigger Counter Strike team. For instance, the Flying Scoutsman mode is made out of 8 players – meaning more manpower. This is why you need to learn exactly the rules of the game mode that you are entering so that you can know exactly how many players are allowed in the team.

Determining the Player Role in CSGO Teams

The best CSGO teams will always be properly organized, the most successful ones being those that have a well-defined strategy. The better you organize your team, the more matches you are going to win – and the more your CSGO team rankings are going to go up. When you are playing in international tournaments, this could get you quite a number of prizes.

Each team player will have a well-defined role. For instance, each team should have an entry fragger, whose purpose is to step in first and get rid of the first “bulk” of enemies. The CSGO team should also have a defragger, whose purpose is to act as support for the entry fragger.

That being said, top CSGO teams will also have at least one Strategy Caller and a Lurker. The former is responsible for devising a proper strategy, whereas the latter needs to gather information about their enemies. This will be delivered to the strategy callers and used so that they can raise their Counter Strike team rankings.

Final Thoughts

The best CS GO teams will be formed out of good players that know their way around a map. It all starts with a brainstorming of some good Counter Strike team names – but in the end, it is all a matter of skill.