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Recent Player Earnings

Recent Tournaments

Date Event Prize Pool
2023-12-15 ESL DH Atlanta 2023 $ 100000
2023-12-15 ESL Impact S4 $ 123000
2023-12-12 BLAST World Final 2023 $ 1000000
2023-11-24 ESL DH Winter 2023 $ 100000
2023-11-22 BLAST Fall Finals 2023 $ 425000
2023-10-16 IEM 2023 Fall $ 250000
2023-10-11 FiReLEAGUE 2023 Finals $ 150000

Understanding CS GO eSports – The Basics of the Game

Expanding upon the original Counter Strike game, Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a team-based shooter that is played in the first person. Throughout the game, players would be teaming up and completing multiple rounds and matches in order to defeat their enemies. It is a very active and engaging game that keeps many players going at any hour.

Perhaps the reason why people are so interested in CS GO eSports is the complexity of the game – all while still being quite easy to follow. It features a variety of characters, maps, and weapons – and you also get quite a lot of classic Counter Strike maps mixed with some brand-new options.

History of Counter Strike Global Offensive

When Counter-Strike originally came out in 1999, it was created as a Half-Life mod that was only supposed to be a small, rather insignificant game. However, its popularity began to increase – and from beta, it went to a full release. This simple mod ended up redefining classic gameplay in regard to shooters, forming a dedicated community that would follow the game from the moment of its release.

At first, it was 1.6, then Source – followed by the CSGO iteration. With each release, it was proven that the CSGO eSports was indeed the pioneer in regard to first-person shooter games. Teams from all over the world were joining competitions where they would show their skills and compete for prizes that they would, later on, use throughout the game.

CS GO eSports Game Modes

When it comes to Counter Strike eSports, there have always been quite a number of game modes to go for – all of which have their own difficulty levels. Here is what you may ho for:

  1. Competitive

This is pretty much the game mode that placed Counter Strike at the top of the food chain. There are two teams, each of them formed out of five people competing in matches by the general rules of the game. The players will be purchasing weapons, armor, and useful tools – and the first person to win 16 out of 30 rounds wins the game,

  1. Wingman

Unlike the competitive mode where you play with 5 people in your team, this one is played with just two people – hence wingman. The players will get a skill group that is only specific to Wingman but will play by the rules of the competitive mode.

  1. Casual

This mode is perfect if you wish to play a bit of CS GO eSports, but do not want to dive headfirst into a full 30-round match. Get in a casual match and only play as much as you want – dropping out whenever you feel like you no longer want to play. You will automatically receive defusal kits and armor, you’ll be playing with a simplified economy, and there won’t be any team damage.

  1. Deathmatch

Feel like you want to take eSports CSGO up a notch? Well, in this case, you might want to join the Deathmatch. This fast-paced game permits for instant respawns and is also encouraging of fast-paced engagements. After they spawn, they will have a limited time frame during which they can buy weapons and engage their enemies. Plus, if you achieve kills with a few select weapons, you will also be given bonus points.

  1. Arms Race

If you are more into guns than any other weapons, then you might want to enter the Arms Race. This gun-profession mode also features instant respawning which was made for close-quarter combat. Once they register a kill, they will immediately gain new weapons. If you made a kill using the final weapon, the golden knife, then you won the game.

  1. Demolition

An eSport CSGO enthusiast might also join the Demolition mode if they wish for a more active game. During this mode, all players take turns in defending a bombsite, going around the map and taking out all the enemies.

  1. Flying Scoutsman

In this mode of eSport CS GO, each team is formed out of 8 players – and you are playing in a field where gravity is reduced. The players are not penalized for shooting while moving, and only two weapons are permitted: knives and the SSG 08 sniper rifle and knives.

The eSport Counter Strike is certainly quite a significant and significant part of the game industry. It’s a first-person shooter that will bring you the thrill of an active world – all while staying safe in front of your PC game.