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Team Name Earned Pro Circuit Rating
1 OG $ 33854524 No Info 0.00
2 Liquid $ 22949112 No Info 0.00
3 EG $ 20099628 900 740.00
4 PSG.LGD $ 16525783 900 1056.00
5 NewBee $ 13406962 No Info 0.00
6 Secret $ 11601009 350 120.00
7 VP $ 9940305 200 28.00
8 Wings $ 9727127 No Info 0.00
9 VG $ 8982990 550 343.00
10 IG $ 5660695 500 340.00
11 [A] $ 4931719 No Info 0.00
12 NAVI $ 4922752 No Info 0.00
13 TnC $ 4565062 200 84.40
14 DC $ 4395081 No Info 0.00
15 Fnatic $ 4177771 No Info 17.60
16 EHOME $ 4009127 No Info 0.00
17 CDEC $ 3609376 No Info 0.00
18 LGD.FY $ 3001406 No Info 0.00
19 MVP $ 2791557 No Info 0.00
20 Mineski $ 2223401 No Info 0.00


Dota 2 Teams that Every Fan Should Support

In case you’re new to the world of Dota 2, you’ve probably yet to experience the hype that comes with watching some good teams going against each other. You have the chance to do that by watching big Dota 2 events, where the best teams are showing off what they’re made of. If you want to support some teams, here is a list of some of the best in the game.

The Best Dota 2 Teams

  1. Wings Gaming

This Dota 2 team managed to have an amazing performance back in 2016 because out of all the Dota 2 teams, they were able to shine at The International. Even though there were a lot of other teams competing in the tournament, maybe with even more supporters compared to them, Wings Gaming was the one to be victorious. A lot of viewers actually knew what the outcome was going to be, and they were right to predict that it would be the best Dota 2 team at The International 2016.

  1. Team Secret

You cannot really miss Team Secret when it comes to the top Dota 2 teams, because they are most certainly one of the Dota 2 pro teams worth supporting. Strong and dedicated, they were able to become 1st in a number of tournaments, and they were, many times, favorites in the events they participated in. They are definitely one of the best when it comes to the DPC, but they were also able to win a lot of non-DPC tournaments. If you want to see what a good eSports team is able to do, you have to look at Team Secret and their performance.

  1. OG

Over the years, OG was one of the few teams that were able to maintain their status in Dota 2 team rankings. They are one of the most successful teams when it comes to eSport teams in Dota 2, as they were able to win at The International 2018. It’s not really a surprise when you look at the roster, which is made of evenly skilled players. Not to mention, their captain, N0tail, is one of the most amazing players in Dota 2, so he is one of the reasons for the team’s success.

  1. Vici Gaming

When you check a Dota 2 team ranking, it will be easy to notice that Vici Gaming is on the list as well. The team is from China, and they were able to gain a lot of praise from people thanks to how good they are able to play. In 2019, they had a consistent play throughout the entire year.

They were able to win the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season One, and they also won two of the last three Majors. It’s safe to say that they will keep being successful and that you need to support them if you are looking for talented, consistent eSports teams.

Final Thoughts

If you want to know what teams you should keep an eye on in future tournaments, all you have to do is check Dota team rankings. You can be sure that you will see some of these teams on top.