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Tournament Name Prize Teams Players
1 The International XII $ 1600000 No Info No Info
2 IESF 2023 $ 100000 No Info No Info
3 The Bali Major 2023 $ 500000 No Info No Info
4 DPC SA Tour 3 $ 280000 No Info No Info
5 DPC NA Tour 3 $ 280000 No Info No Info
6 DPC CIS Tour 3 $ 280000 No Info No Info
7 DPC EU Tour 3 $ 280000 No Info No Info
8 DPC CN Tour 3 $ 280000 No Info No Info
9 DPC SEA Tour 3 $ 280000 No Info No Info
10 The Berlin Major 2023 $ 500000 No Info No Info
11 DPC SA Tour 2 $ 280000 8 teams No Info
12 DPC NA Tour 2 $ 280000 8 teams No Info
13 DPC CIS Tour 2 $ 280000 8 teams No Info
14 DPC EU Tour 2 $ 280000 8 teams No Info
15 DPC CN Tour 2 $ 280000 5 teams No Info
16 DPC SEA Tour 2 $ 280000 8 teams No Info
17 The Lima Major 2023 $ 500000 17 teams No Info
18 Fallen Cup S2 $ 2940 10 teams No Info
19 BB Universe Ep 1 $ 100000 14 teams No Info
20 BTS Pro Series S14 $ 79500 27 teams 77 players

Which Is the Best Dota 2 Tournament

Every year, Dota 2 fans have something to look forward to – tournaments. In these, pro teams and players are trying to win the big prize, which will offer them a lot of money. Unless you’ve been playing Dota for a long time, you may not know what tournaments to watch. The list below should help you out.

The Best Dota 2 Tournament List

  1. DreamLeague

DreamLeague tournaments are Dota 2 tournaments part of the Dota Pro Circuit season, and they can be as entertaining as possible. These big tournaments usually have the best, most popular teams trying to win the big prize. The winner has the chance to win Pro Circuit Points, as well as a prize pool of a lot of cash, usually as much as $1,000,000. It’s a Dota tournament worth watching.

  1. Dota Major Championship

This Dota 2 tournament cannot be missing from the list, as it’s actually a series of tournaments that a lot of Dota 2 fans are looking forward to. This championship series has been started in 2015, by Valve Corporation.

Each year, Valve is trying to rotate locations, so that multiple fans from other places in the world can go and see their favorite teams competing and doing their best to win. As such, the tournaments have taken place in the USA, Romania, China, Germany, and other countries. Prizes can be as much as $3 million.

The championships include the top-drawer Dota 2 event, as well as the International and several other gaming events on Dota 2. The aim was to grow the success of The International, and it seems that Valve succeeded in this regard.

  1. The International

The International is definitely the Dota 2 tournament that you should be watching because a lot of good teams are going to participate. It is definitely the tournament with the title for the most awaited, because each year, a lot of people from all over the world are looking forward to it.

Hosted by Valve Corporation, this event has a lot to offer in terms of pro gaming. Since 2011, the championship took place every year. It always had the best teams participating, and it had some of the biggest prize pools as well. Valve introduced battle passes, in order to have the prize pool crowdfunded. 2019 was when The International managed to set a new record. It grew to $34,300,000 in 2019, as a lot of players have been purchasing the battle passes. The prize pool is expected to grow even more in the upcoming years. Check the Dota 2 tournament schedule and see when the nest International tournament is taking place, and where it should be taking place.

Final Thoughts

There are many Dota 2 premier tournaments that you can watch for a good time and in order to support your favorite teams. The International, The Dota Major Championship and Dream League are only three out of many tournaments. There are other upcoming Dota 2 tournaments to keep an eye on, such as StarLadder and ESL, so if you want a good world championship to watch, definitely check all of them out.