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Team Name Earned Rating
1 100 Thieves No Info 0.00
2 Atlantis No Info 0.00
3 Chiefs No Info 0.00
4 C9 No Info 0.00
5 COOLER No Info 0.00
6 CLG No Info 0.00
7 CL No Info 0.00
8 Dark Sided No Info 0.00
9 DV1 No Info 0.00
10 Envy No Info 0.00
11 Excel No Info 0.00
12 FaZe No Info 0.00
13 Fnatic No Info 0.00
14 G2 No Info 0.00
15 ASM.GMB No Info 0.00
16 Gen.G No Info 0.00
17 Ghost No Info 0.00
18 GOD No Info 0.00
19 HR No Info 0.00
20 Kungarna No Info 0.00

All About Joining Fortnite Teams – Collaborating for Success

Fortnite is the kind of game that can be played both as a single competitor and as part of a team. Usually, most players start with Fortnite by playing alone. However, at some point, you may want to look into joining a team. The benefits are certainly there.

Why Join an eSports Fortnite Team?

Many Fortnite players who join the game do so because of the prospect of playing solo. By not tying yourself to a team, you may plat to your heart’s content without worrying that you’ll drag anyone them – or have them drag you down.
With that in mind, joining eSport teams Fortnite may open multiple doors. For instance, if you are a builder kind of player and prefer to build forts, you may not have such good skills when it comes to actual combat. You may also not have the time to take out your enemies if you are constantly building forts.
Fortnite team eSport can connect you to a variety of professional players. You can support each other throughout the game, increasing your chances of getting further in the Battle Royale. Plus, if you join a team, you may also join a variety of tournaments and win numerous prizes.

How Many Members Are There in a Fortnite Team?

A Battle Royale features a total of 100 players, all of which fight for survival on the island. That said, players may form Fortnite teams of 4 people, which is the standard in these competitions. A team leader may or may not be assigned, based on the preferences of the players.
Recently, however, Fortnite also began allowing 16-member teams. This is usually allowed in games and tournaments where big battles are to be expected. Therefore, only in the biggest modes may you form this sort of Fortnite team.

How to Join a Fortnite Team

The best way to join a team Fortnite eSports is to go on the community pages and look for teams that are looking for new team members. You may not join teams that already have 4 members unless you go for the bigger modes. You may also take part in community tournaments, where you will be recognized as a pro and may be recruited to enter a team.

Best Fortnite Teams Ranked

Teams that play well together may reach the top together as well. Here are some Fortnite team names that have become synonymous with the stars of the Fortnite universe.
1. 100 Thieves
2. Team SioloMid
3. Ghost Gaming
4. Team Liquid
5. Sentinels
6. FaZe Clan
7. Vanguard
8. Team Secret
9. Cloud9
10. Team Kungarna
Each team has at least one player that made it on the highest-ranking boards, being recognized as the best players out there. With their collaboration skills, they won numerous tournaments and their skills became widely known.

The Bottom Line

Playing Fortnite alone may help take off the edge one evening, but it is much more satisfying to play together with a team. By putting your skills together, you may earn more prizes than you could have earned alone.