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Player ID Player Name Total Earnings Rating Last Game
1 Thijs Thijs Molendijk No Info No Info 1 year ago
2 Frezzar Bertil Fall No Info No Info 52 years ago
3 Rdu Radu Dima No Info No Info 1 year ago
4 Impact Josh Graham No Info No Info 1 year ago
5 sorengu soren gu No Info No Info 52 years ago
6 macstR Scott McGlashan No Info No Info 52 years ago
7 Lalasong Zi Song Hee No Info No Info 52 years ago
8 Duck stefan van waalwijk No Info No Info 52 years ago
9 Crusadan Stephen Price No Info No Info 52 years ago
10 _Stanley Victor Stanley No Info No Info 52 years ago
11 Ant Anthony Trevino No Info No Info 4 years ago
12 ChanceHS Chance Rebholz No Info No Info 52 years ago
13 tomflr Tom Finlayson No Info No Info 52 years ago
14 Freshca Travis Boyer No Info No Info 52 years ago
15 Fizdarth Kian Keat Gan No Info No Info 52 years ago
16 Schismatron Simon Lindström No Info No Info 52 years ago
17 tom60229 Wei Lin Chen No Info No Info 1 year ago
18 Roger Sheng-yuan Luo No Info No Info 3 years ago
19 pinpingho Kwo-Ping Ho No Info No Info 52 years ago
20 Wingan Jesper Wingqvist No Info No Info 52 years ago

Who Are the Top Hearthstone Players?

Considering Hearthstone allowed people to play professionally not long after it was released, a lot of pro Hearthstone players appeared as a result. Even though each one of them is aiming to be the best, there is a limited number of players who manage to actually become the best.

Hearthstone was released in 2014, and it became played as an eSport shortly after when Blizzard started organizing tournaments for the players. These became very popular eSports tournaments as they are very watched by lovers of the game. However, with so many popular participants in Hearthstone tournaments, it’s hard to know who the most popular ones are. As such, we came up with a list to make sure you know who they are, and you can bet on the best Hearthstone player.

Hearthstone Players to Keep an Eye on

  1. Zhou ‘Jasonzhou’ Bin

Jasonzhou is one of the pro Hearthstone players who were able to win great amounts of money from participating in various big tournaments. In 2016, he was able to be 3rd-4th in the Hearthstone World Championships, which gave him a huge portion of his earnings. His success comes as a result of hard work and dedication, and although he fell off to Pavel in a semi0final match, he was still able to get $100,000 thanks to his effort.

  1. Pavel ‘Pavel’ Beltiukov

If you check Hearthstone player stats, you will see that Pavel is one of the top ones, and he is the one with the most earnings. He is considered the best player by many, as he was able to get $250,000 at BlizzCon back in 2016. Many people support him and hope to see him again.

  1. Stanislav ‘StanCifka’ Cifka

In terms of pro Hearthstone players, StanCifka has to be one of the few ones to surprise the fans in a pleasant way. He is a Magic: The Gathering champion, as well as a chess grandmaster, and he was able to become one of the most popular Hearthstone players too.

He is one of the most supported Hearthstone pro players because he is able to because he’s able to map out the match during the very first rounds. He can also think many turns ahead, so he’s a threat to his opponents.

  1. Sebastian ‘Ostkaka’ Engwall

If you’re looking for amazing Hearthstone players, then you’ll be more than delighted to watch Ostkaka. He was able to become popular after winning his World Championship title. The player was popular long before Blizzcon, though, so it was already to be expected that it would be the same for him once he got into competitive Hearthstone.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to know the best Hearthstone players in the world if you want to place bets on them. The players on this list make good choices when it comes to gambling. If you got into Hearthstone yourself, you may be looking for Hearthstone nearby players to play with. Who knows, maybe one of the pro players is one of the nearby players Hearthstone and you’ll get to play against them one day.