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Team Name Earned Rating
1 Pandore $ 550 0.00
2 ILH $ 400 0.00
3 Oplon $ 200 0.00
4 YaLLa $ 200 0.00
5 ATK $ 100 0.00
6 E-LVETS $ 100 0.00
7 LE $ 100 0.00
8 ORO $ 100 0.00
9 이스티 No Info 0.00
10 00Nation No Info 54.00
11 17173 No Info 0.00
12 836 Pizza No Info 0.00
13 9z No Info 0.00
14 ADA No Info 0.00
15 ACE.PH No Info 0.00
16 Ad Finem No Info 0.00
17 AEC No Info 0.00
18 AeroX No Info 0.00
19 AS No Info 0.00
20 AGO No Info 0.00


What Hearthstone Team Should You Support?

There is always a Hearthstone team that stands out, especially when there are so many pro ones participating in various major events. As such, there is a small number of teams that made a name for themselves by winning tournament titles, and you need to know them if you want to be able to support them.

Every Hearthstone team is doing its best to become a sensation of eSports, but in the end, not all of them succeed. A few of them manage to win tournaments and become the most successful pro teams. That being said, if you want to know what the most successful teams are, whether to place bets on them or simply to watch them, you will read about them in this post.

What Hearthstone Team to Choose?

  1. pro

Virtus.pro is a team that managed to pleasantly surprise the public. Their success didn’t happen out of the blue – they were just able to take this opportunity and work hard for it. The team was already a feared opponent in other eSports, like Dota or Counter-Strike, and when they joined Hearthstone, they became a feared opponent there as well. The players Naiman, DrHippi and BunnyHoppor are skilled and have the knowledge required for the game.

  1. G2 eSports

Out of all the Hearthstone teams, G2 eSports is considered the best one, due to all the times they were able to win. The cool thing when watching them is the fact that they compete as a family. They work together, having knowledge about the game and practicing together. The team would even lock themselves together for weeks in order to grind games and wouldn’t leave until they feel comfortable with their decks. The members were able to win big amounts of cash. As such, when it comes to Hearthstone global games teams, G2 eSports is certainly one that you should support.

  1. Complexity Gaming

Complexity Gaming is one of the teams full of talent. They were able to become one of the best eSports teams in Hearthstone, with a lot of supporters. The team manager knows how to choose the best players for his team, which is how he was able to turn new Hearthstone players into pro ones with a lot of fans. If you want a good team to support in Hearthstone events, Complexity Gaming is surely one of them.

  1. Team Celestial

Team Celestial is one of the few teams with a lot of members, and it was known to be the biggest one. It went from three people in the team to 40 players. Apparently, the team is paid by the DouyuTV sponsor, which is a streaming platform very similar to Twitch. They can be very entertaining to watch, so you shouldn’t miss out on them.

Final Thoughts

You need to know what Hearthstone team league to support, in which case, this article should have been useful in telling you who the best ones are. Hopefully, you now know who to look for in Hearthstone tournaments every year.