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Tournament Name Prize Teams Players
1 World Championship 2023 $ 500000 No Info No Info
2 Masters 2023 Fall No Info No Info No Info
3 LL 2023 Fall $ 50000 No Info No Info
4 Masters 2023 Summer No Info No Info No Info
5 LL 2023 Summer $ 50000 No Info No Info
6 LL 2023 Spring $ 50000 No Info No Info
7 Masters 2023 Spring No Info No Info No Info
8 World Championship 2022 $ 500000 No Info 16 players
9 LL 9 $ 50000 No Info 16 players
10 LL 8 $ 50000 No Info 16 players
11 Masters Seasonal 2022 Fall $ 50000 No Info 16 players
12 LL 7 $ 50000 No Info 16 players
13 Masters 2022 Tour MaD $ 250000 No Info 542 players
14 LL 6 $ 50000 No Info 28 players
15 LL 5 $ 50000 No Info 51 players
16 Grandmasters 2022 S2 Last Call $ 150000 No Info 16 players
17 Masters 2022 Tour MaCN $ 250000 No Info 572 players
18 LL 4 $ 50000 No Info 52 players
19 Masters 2022 Tour Vashj'ir $ 250000 No Info 591 players
20 LL 3 $ 50000 No Info 52 players

What Hearthstone Tournament Should You Watch?

You may want to bet on a Hearthstone tournament, in which case you need to know the most popular tournaments that allow you to do this. If you’ve discovered the fun of Hearthstone, then it’s certainly important to know what events are out there.

If you got into Hearthstone just recently, then you may not know that you can actually watch a Hearthstone tournament too, getting a glimpse of the pro gaming scene. In these tournaments, the most popular teams and players are trying to win the prize pool and trophy and stay on top to win even more cash. It can be really fun to watch, and you will also have the chance to win money if you engage in some gambling. Therefore, if you want to know your options, here is a small list of Hearthstone tournaments.

The Hearthstone Tournament to Watch Next

  1. Hearthstone World Championship

Probably the biggest Hearthstone event that you could be watching is the Hearthstone World Championship. This event has the best 16 players in the world to go against each other. There are 4 players gathered from each region. The players will be selected based on their performance in the game, as well as selected tournament events. Whoever wins this tournament will be the Hearthstone World Champion.

Therefore, it’s a very entertaining Hearthstone online tournament to watch, since such a big title is being given to the pro player that makes it to the end.

  1. Hearthstone Collegiate National Championship

Another good one on the list of Hearthstone online tournaments that you can watch is the Hearthstone Collegiate National Championship. This championship takes place every year, and it’s hosted by TeSPA. There will be three-player college teams from Canada and the U.S. that will compete in Hearthstone. In the end, they have the chance to win scholarship cash. There will be a top team from each national region, respectively the West, East, North and South. Just check the Hearthstone tournament schedule and you will find out when this tournament takes place.

  1. Hearthstone Global Games

This is one of the online Hearthstone tournaments that you should be looking forward to, as it’s an official Blizzard event. There are teams selected from 32 countries. They will have to compete against each other in a four-week dual tournament format. In the end, the tournament will have a top 4 single elimination bracket.

Each team will have two players, with the first one being the highest monetary earner from the previous year.

Final Thoughts

Gaming can be even more amazing if you also get into championship series, whether to participate yourself or just to watch them competing against each other. That being said, there are multiple tournaments that you can watch or get into, and the ones on this list are only some of them. Watch them and look for Hearthstone tournament results to see if your favorites managed to win. If you placed bets on the winner, then you will win some cash too.