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Recent Player Earnings

Recent Tournaments

Date Event Prize Pool
2023-12-15 World Championship 2023 $ 500000
2023-11-01 Masters 2023 Fall No Info
2023-10-15 LL 2023 Fall $ 50000
2023-09-01 Masters 2023 Summer No Info
2023-07-15 LL 2023 Summer $ 50000
2023-05-15 LL 2023 Spring $ 50000
2023-05-01 Masters 2023 Spring No Info

What You Need to Know About Hearthstone eSports

Although the Internet is full of card games, not all of them make it to professional eSports, and surely not all of them are gaining popularity. They need to have something unique in order to become sensations of the game industry and change everything when it comes to electronic sports. Hearthstone was the game able to achieve this, and it is now one of the most appreciated games in the eSports industry. For this reason, it manages to attract new players every day.

If you’re one of the people who are attracted to this game and would like to know more, this page will give you some information about Hearthstone eSports.

How the Game Started Being Developed

The idea for the Hearthstone eSport popped up when Blizzard wanted to use the love the company had for collectible card games and the wish to develop something with a smaller team. Although Blizzard was getting revenue from Diablo, StarCraft and Warcraft, they wanted to have a project that represented a shift in the traditional video game model, as there was a rise in the success of small independent developers. To do this, some people were brought in order to create a team, known as “Team 5”. Although there were only between 12 and 15 members in the team at the beginning, they became 47 by November 2015.

The team explored multiple game types, with the focus being on collectible card games. Because the Warcraft lore was so loved by fans, Blizzard decided it was best to create a collectible card game based around Warcraft. They knew that new Warcraft players might be drawn to their other games that way and besides, since Warcraft was so known, it was easy to use the characters and locations in order to create the cards. They took concepts from cards from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.

The team came up with an Adobe Flash prototype for Hearthstone one year after the development began. Some of the team members were moved to work on StarCraft 2, and when they came back, they came with new ideas for developing Hearthstone. The game was developing even further because the team was aiming for an attractive design that grabbed the attention of new players. Made to be played online, Hearthstone was mimicking the feel of physical cards. The game was released on March 11, 2014.

How to Play Hearthstone eSports

The eSports Hearthstone isn’t that difficult to play, but you need to figure out your strategies and have enough knowledge to take over your enemies. At the start of the match, a coin will be tossed in order to determine who will go first, with both players drawing their starting hands. The one who won the toss will have three cards, and the other one will have four, as well as getting the coin, a card that will increase your mana by one. The match will begin when both players accept their hand, as you can mulligan as many cards as you want until then.

At the start of each turn, you have to draw a card from your deck. There are a few cards that let you draw additional cards as well. You can also use some low-cost cards during your first turn. Then it’s time to attack. If your opponent played a minion, it will be your turn again. You can either summon another minion, use your hero power or play a spell with two mana crystals. If you’re satisfied with your play, you can end the turn and the opponent will have to come up with another tactic.

The Bottom Line

Hearthstone is definitely one of the leading forces when it comes to collectible cards game, which is why there is always an eSport organization holding a professional eSport competition. All you have to do is check the Hearthstone eSports schedule, and you’ll know when the next big event takes place.