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Understanding League of Legends Teams – The Basis of Teamwork

League of Legends is a very popular MOBA game that has slowly but surely captured the hearts players all over the world. It’s a team-based game that gathers quite a number of League of Legends teams, playing to become the best in their ranks, winning international tournaments and winning the pool for the best league of legends team.

Why Form League of Legends Teams?

You might be asking yourself at this point, why bother with League of Legends team formations when you can just as well take down your enemies in a solo match? Well, first things first, you can’t because the game is team-oriented – but secondly, you can’t, because, without the help from your other team members, you might end up being eliminated from the game way too quickly.

Each team member out there has a certain role designed to help each other out. For example, while some are out there to deal as much damage as they can, others have the purpose of watching their teammates’ backs so that they do not get killed in the meantime. Even League of Legends pro teams will have players that will sometimes need backup.

The Team Formation

For the best League of Legends team to become most successful, you will also have to learn how to be a part of the team. First things first, each team will be spread over four different lanes: the bottom lane, the top lane, the mid lane, and the jungle. Each lane is suitable for various types of players, and as a team player, you will have to learn how to support your team by protecting your lane.

Each team will be formed out of 5 players, all of which have their own role. The best League of Legends teams will be well-organized, which will allow them to keep their formation during tournaments.

First things first, the top League of Legends teams should have at least a Marksman – which is the player than can deal quite a lot of damage. That Marksman will also require the need of a Support player, which will help the Marksman secure his kills – even if it requires sacrificing themselves.

Aside from the support and the Marksman, you also have the mid-laner – which obviously is placed in the mid lane. Like the Marksman, Mid-Laners are also quite efficient when it comes to dealing damage – but unlike the former, they do not require the help of a Support. Tank players are also essential, as they help break down the enemy groups. Last but not least, we also have the Jungler, who has quite a varied role.

Final Thoughts

The teams with the highest League of Legends team rankings will have one player of each – but these can change depending on their preferences. The more uniform the team is, the better your chances are of elevating the teams ranking.