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Tournament Name Prize Teams Players
1 World Championship 2022 $ 2000000 No Info No Info
2 Claro Stars League 2022 Opening No Info 8 teams No Info
3 Liga de Honor Entel 2022 Opening No Info 12 teams No Info
4 MČR 2021 $ 4640 8 teams No Info
5 VCS 2021 Summer No Info 8 teams No Info
6 World Championship 2021 $ 2000000 16 teams No Info
7 European Masters 2021 Summer $ 178331 16 teams 84 players
8 Open Tour Benelux 2021 Summer $ 6895 8 teams 51 players
9 Unified Grand Prix 2021 Summer $ 20000 16 teams 81 players
10 LCS 2021 Championship $ 200000 8 teams 41 players
11 Regional Norte 2021 No Info 4 teams 20 players
12 Regional Sur 2021 No Info 3 teams 15 players
13 Greek Legends League 2021 Winter $ 6200 8 teams No Info
14 Telia Masters 2021 Summer No Info 12 teams 63 players
15 Gamegune 2021 No Info 8 teams No Info
16 EGL 2021 Summer Showdown $ 10000 16 teams No Info
17 Nexo Stars 2021 No Info 4 teams No Info
18 Mid-Season Development Challenge Cup 2021 $ 30758 16 teams 87 players
19 PCS 2021 Summer $ 80000 10 teams 59 players
20 Irrechipstible Cup 2021 $ 1192 8 teams 40 players

Choosing a League of Legends Tournament – Reaching the Top Teams

Playing simple matches does have a special appeal to it, and they are also quite fun. However, nothing really compares to the fun that you experience throughout a tournament – a place where you have the chance the play against the top players in the field. Whether you are playing for fun or are interested in the prizes, here is all that you will have to know about the League of Legends tournament.

League of Legends Tournament Types

When it comes to entering tournaments, many people are shying away from these events because they believe they are only for professionals. However, a variety of players may opt for these types of tournaments, regardless of their levels. That being, here are the League of Legends online tournaments that you might want to go for.

  • Premier Tournaments: These League of Legends tournaments have quite an outstanding prize pool, and generally, they are comprised out of top players from all over the world. The most popular franchises are generally the ones that are holding them – and among tournaments, they are said to be the most prestigious.
  • Major Tournaments: Not quite as important as the premier tournament but still more important than the average one is the major event. These events have quite a large prize pool, and a variety of players (top tier or not) may join.
  • Minor Tournaments: These events offer a much smaller prize pool in comparison to premier or major tournaments, but they still have quite a decent competition. They are usually local League of Legends tournaments. This type of tournaments is generally convenient for those that have only begun to play League of Legends.
  • Monthly Tournaments: Occurring at a set time once every month, these tournaments have quite a small prize pool in comparison to championship tournaments – but still draw quite a lot of attention. These online League of Legends tournaments are perfect for those that need the occasional challenge.
  • Weekly Tournaments: Looking for a weekly challenge? In that case, the weekly tournaments might prove convenient. Perfect for both pro players and beginners, these tournaments might kick your team ranking up.

There are also certain League of Legends daily tournaments that you may join – but in most cases, those feature quite small prize pools and do not have the rewards of a championship series.

Checking on the Tournament Schedule

Players that wish to join a League of Legends tournament online will also have to bear in mind that they will have to follow a schedule. Each event will have a certain time frame during which they will have to play – and they will have to synchronize with other players as well. Some tournaments might take longer, whereas others might be shorter – which is why you will have to choose based on your own time.

With each tournament that you win, you will be able to go higher up the tournament rankings. The bigger the tournament, the higher the prize pool will be. If you are planning to win rare items, then you might want to go Major and up. On the other hand, if you are only looking for experience, Minor and smaller tournaments can also work.