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Recent Player Earnings

Recent Tournaments

Date Event Prize Pool
2023-10-01 LEC 2023 Finals $ 171819
2023-10-01 World Championship 2023 No Info
2023-09-23 Asian Games 2022 No Info
2023-05-02 MSI 2023 No Info
2023-04-30 LCK Academy 2023 Spring No Info
2023-04-01 EMEA Masters 2023 Spring No Info
2023-02-16 IGF 2023 $ 8438

LOL eSports – The League of Winners

For many people, League of Legends can be a bit daunting in the beginning – particularly if you haven’t played the game before. However, once you get the hang of it and start raising your ranking, the game will no longer seem as intimidating. All you have to do is watch LoL eSports, play some matches yourself – and soon enough, you should be able to get the hang of it.

What Is League of Legends?

League of Legends is a game that is played in a multiplayer mode on an online battle arena – the specific term for it being MOBA. It has become one of the most popular games as of late, and more and more people and finding themselves joining teams, winning matches, and ranking up through tournaments using their champions. Bear in mind that this means you will have to check the LoL eSports schedule.

The game takes you through a variety of maps, playing multiple types of characters. It is a fantasy universe where the players are playing for survival, building up their way into becoming the best at what you do. The game involves a variety of summoning spells, rune use, and weapon handling. The LoL eSport is a fascinating one, which is why it is no wonder why it has risen so much in popularity.

The Lol eSports Roles

As someone that has the intention of winning at League of Legends, you need to become aware of the fact that you will also have a role to fulfill. At this point, there are five roles that you may choose from – all of them having their own responsibilities in the League of Legends eSports. Each role is crucial for the gameplay – so if a player does not fully understand their role, they might just end up jeopardizing the entire match. Here is what you may choose from:

  • The Marksman (ADC)

Among the most popular LoL eSports roles in the game we have the Marksman – or as they are usually called, the ADC (i.e. attack damage carry). As their name suggests, they are responsible for causing some serious damage and killing as many from the opposite team as possible.

Considering that these eSports League of Legends players generally get thrown in front of the line, they require quite a lot of damage output – but also support. They are built to stay on the offensive, but without help from other players, they are vulnerable to being killed. This is where the next role comes in.

  • The Support

Support players will generally be in the same lane as the marksman and try to protect them from being killed. In many cases, this might mean that they have to sacrifice their life, but generally, they are responsible for providing gold and vision.

  • The Jungler

In every eSports LoL match, there will have to be someone that plays the jungler. This player is able to jump through lanes, providing support and mobility – all while bringing resources to the lanes and team players that are in need of help.

  • The Tank

Not many people pay too much attention to the tank player – but they still hold great importance. These players are responsible for soaking up the damage, but also for dealing some crowd control. They break up the enemy teams so that the marksman can do their job.

  • The Mid Laner

Technically speaking, the mid laner does pretty much the same thing as the marksman – but unlike them, they do not need supportive characters. Since they focus on their abilities rather than auto-attack, they can deal quite a lot of damage in a short burst of time.

League of Legends Tournaments

Like every team-based game, League of Legends also hosts quite a number of tournaments. This is an opportunity for the players to get their hands on the coin, but also gain some abilities and weapons that they may use throughout the games. It is also a very good opportunity for them to raise their ranking.

Each tournament takes place at a certain time, so you might want to check the League of Legends eSports schedule. The results are generally placed on the LoL eSports news page.

Final Thoughts

League of Legends is certainly a very important part of the game industry. Packed with a lot of competitions, you will surely keep yourself engaged in the game.