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Player ID Player Name Total Earnings Rating Last Game
1 SoOn Terence Tarlier $ 132699 No Info 3 years ago
2 skipjack Nicholas Rosada $ 29660 No Info 5 years ago
3 Zebbosai Sebastian Olsson $ 39448 No Info 4 years ago
4 Kryw Jonathan Nobre $ 33461 No Info 4 years ago
5 rEspawN No Info $ 450 No Info 6 years ago
6 Custa Scott Kennedy $ 173348 No Info 3 years ago
7 Stoop Faraaz Waris $ 12148 No Info 5 years ago
8 coolmatt Matt Iorio $ 30948 No Info 3 years ago
9 Zaprey Nikolaj Ian Moyes $ 22854 No Info 4 years ago
10 Nevix Andreas Karlsson $ 321648 No Info 3 years ago
11 Draceus Rasmus Waern $ 1800 No Info 5 years ago
12 Numlocked Sebastian Barton $ 98980 No Info 3 years ago
13 iddqd André Dahlström $ 17200 No Info 4 years ago
14 Vonethil Oliver Lager $ 12148 No Info 5 years ago
15 budsS Casey Mcilwaine $ 18951 No Info 4 years ago
16 cocco Christian Jonsson $ 56049 No Info 4 years ago
17 ToxikeN Joshua Campos $ 2552 No Info 5 years ago
18 Bromas Jose Antonio Ramos Glez $ 2552 No Info 5 years ago
19 LiNkzr Jiri Masalin $ 33252 No Info 3 years ago
20 art1er Artur Bischof $ 2020 No Info 5 years ago

The Best Overwatch Players in eSports

Ever since its release, Overwatch didn’t fail to impress. The game managed to become popular very quickly, even though it has less playable heroes compared to other eSports. As a consequence of the increasing number of Overwatch active players, there were some of them who wanted to take it to the next level and become pros. Now, there are players that participate in Overwatch tournaments most times, managing to entertain fans and win cash from said events.

Who are the best Overwatch players, though? Below you’ll find a list of them.

Best Overwatch Players to Consider

  1. Matthew “Super” DeLisi

One of the top Overwatch players is surely Super, who not only helped Shock take the big prize but also stood out with his amazing performance. Out of all the main tanks, he was someone who was able to show that he means business. Thanks to him, the rest of the team had a lot of big plays. In all the Overwatch League, he is one of the best players.

  1. Bang “JJoNak” Seong-hyun

For many, JJoNak is the best Overwatch player in the entire world. What made him so popular is probably his unique and outstanding play with Zenyatta. He knows how to play aggressively, but at the same time, he is careful and doesn’t play recklessly either. The only problem some may see with him is the fact that he may be doing less healing compared to other Overwatch supports because of the aggressive style. However, him doing a lot of damage makes up for it.

  1. Kim “Haksal” Hyo-jong

Haksal hasn’t been a professional Overwatch player for a long time, as he only made his League debut in 2019. But even though he’s new, he didn’t fail to make his name one of the most known professional gamers names, since he was able to take over his competition so easily. He rejoined his former RunAway teammates at Vancouver Titans, and was one of the Overwatch League players to leave a good impression on everyone.

He is able to play aggressively with heroes like Brigitte and Doomfist, so you can expect to be entertained by him in the future.

  1. Kim “Fleta” Byung-sun

Another popular eSports player in Overwatch is surely Fleta who, in spite of not having the easiest stage for the Seoul Dynasty, was still able to show outstanding skill. He is able to play very accurately, and he is somehow able to figure out where his enemies are going to show up. Thanks to his foresight, he is one of the most amazing Overwatch pro players to watch.

Final Thoughts

There’s a big Overwatch player count with amazing performances in major tournaments, but a few stand out. Some of them have been mentioned here, so if you’re looking for players to watch during big events, you should consider checking these names out.