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Team Name Earned Rating
1 BLG $ 113578 0.00
2 O2B $ 100000 0.00
3 Chaser $ 85000 0.00
4 SPG $ 67000 0.00
5 CC $ 65000 0.00
6 01E $ 47563 0.00
7 Falcons $ 45303 0.00
8 FR $ 41750 0.00
9 HLXC $ 41500 0.00
10 TM $ 38923 0.00
11 CC.KR $ 35264 0.00
12 ExO $ 35000 0.00
13 RBE $ 35000 0.00
14 T1 $ 29750 0.00
15 RBE $ 28000 0.00
16 GRUNTo $ 26200 0.00
17 TLN $ 26172 0.00
18 OA $ 26100 0.00
19 Maryville $ 24900 0.00
20 PNT $ 24850 0.00


Team Tournament
OWL 2023 -
OLB $ 15200
CAHCC $ 25000
OCH 2022 $ 63000
SEL 2022 S2 $ 106407
OWC 2022 S2 $ 625000
NACE Showdown $ 2500
HUE Invitational 2022 $ 10000
Insomnia69 $ 5500

Overwatch Teams that You Should Be Excited for

Since there are so many people excited to watch the Overwatch League, there are many who want to know which the best Overwatch teams are. Although the League has fewer eSports teams compared to other eSports in the game, there’s still a good amount that you can follow while watching the events unfold. If you don’t know any of these teams yet, then this article will show you some of them, so you should get ready to gamble and support them.

Top Overwatch Teams

  1. Dallas Fuel

This list of teams for Overwatch wouldn’t be complete if Dallas Fuel wasn’t featured as one of the top Overwatch teams. Although not many people are fans of the current Dallas Fuel lineup, the team used to be one of the most successful ones in the league during the Team EnVyUs era. In the Western Overwatch scene at least, they were very much dominant. They were able to win at events such as BTS Overwatch Cup, Operation Breakout, OG Invitational, and others, so they are one of the Overwatch teams names that will not be forgotten.

  1. San Francisco Shock

In 2019, this was one of the Overwatch teams that left an impression on other teams and on the watchers, due to their amazing performance. They were able to beat The Vancouver Titans throughout the entire season in 2019, showing that they are not to be underestimated.

In addition, the Overwatch team is the 1st one to complete a golden stage, as it was able to not drop a single map throughout the whole stage, which is amazing.

  1. London Spitfire

Out of the Overwatch pro teams in the preseason, London Spitfire was definitely one of the few able to grab the attention of the public in a positive way – for the most part, at least. They were able to win the first Stage championship in OWL. The only thing that was pretty controversial was one of the players flipping off the fans during a camera check. Profit did this in a playful manner, though, but he was still fined.

Although they won the 1st Stage, they didn’t do great for the rest of the season. They have a lot of potential, though.

  1. RunAway

Many fans consider RunAway the best Overwatch team, and if you look in Overwatch team rankings, it won’t be hard to see that it is a name that always shows up. Although they weren’t the best at season 1 of APEX, the team wasn’t discouraged – they managed to strike back and beat a lot of other big teams. As such, the Overwatch team name will be remembered for a long time and you should look forward to their future performances.

Final Thoughts

Overwatch has many eSport teams with amazing performances. If you want to support any, then check out the names on this list and look where they are placed in any teams ranking – you should see their worth there.