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Recent Player Earnings

Recent Tournaments

Date Event Prize Pool
2023-04-01 OWL 2023 No Info
2022-12-27 ESET RS No Info
2022-12-16 OLB $ 15200
2022-12-12 CAHCC $ 25000
2022-12-03 OCH 2022 $ 63000
2022-12-01 SEL 2022 S2 $ 106407
2022-10-19 OWC 2022 S2 $ 625000

Everything You Need to Know About Overwatch eSports

At this point in time, it’s not a surprise to see that the Overwatch eSports industry is doing great. The multiplayer first-person shooter game has been released only in 2016, but it managed to quickly gain a loyal audience thanks to how appealing it is. But aside from leaving a great impression on people, the shooter game also managed to make it to the professional industry. That means that eSports also include Overwatch, with competitions where pro players are doing their best in order to win the big prize. That said, if you wanted a good shooter video game to be added to e-Sports, eSports include Overwatch as well.

It’s always nice to know more about a game if your interest in it has been sparked, which is why this page will offer some basic information about Overwatch.

Little History Behind Overwatch eSports

Everything started in 2013 when the game Titan was canceled. Blizzard took the decision to cancel this game, which is a project that was under development for seven years. After the cancellation of the multiplayer online role-playing game, some of the people who worked on the project were sent to different other Blizzard departments.

Meanwhile, a team of about 40 other people was given a task – they had to think of a new game concept within a few months. The team had Jeff Kaplan as its leader. After thinking for a long time, they thought about making a hero team-based shooter game, which is how Overwatch started being developed. The team took assets developed for Titan in order to prove the concept, and they were then allowed to start creating the game. It was the first Blizzard developed intellectual property since StarCraft. Little did they know that Overwatch was going to take over the eSports industry.

In order to create the popular PC game, the Blizzard team came up with an optimistic version of the near future, respectively after the Omnic Crisis. As they took the creation and downfall of the Overwatch group into consideration, they were able to come up with multiple characters, both human and non-human ones. The game has very colorful settings, and it constantly has new characters, maps, cosmetic items and other such things added.

How to Play?

In the eSports Overwatch game, you have more than 30 heroes to choose from, and each one of them is unique and comes with its own set of skills and general roles. There is a hero for any player of the first-person shooter.

You have to play a specific role in your team too. You can either play as support, damage, and tank. Support heroes help with protection, as well as healing, so your team’s survival depends on you. Damage heroes are the ones that fight the enemies and try to cause them damage. Tanks will lead the charge and looking to shatter fortified positions.

Not to mention, you will have to pick a game mode too. You can choose between arcade, competitive play, quick play, practice modes or a custom game.


Although the Overwatch eSport growth wasn’t intended, as the game wasn’t created with the focus on eSports, the game industry actually acquired a new eSport. Despite not being created for electronic sports from the get-go, it had elements that would make it ready to support the competitive community of eSports fans. This is why, a few months after the game was released, Blizzard added the very first competitive mode, so people could get a taste of what it would mean to play eSports as an Overwatch player.

2016 was the year when Overwatch made it to the list of professional eSports, as there was more than one professional eSport competition organized for the game, held by an eSport association. The very first electronic sports competition for Overwatch was called Overwatch Atlantic Showdown and it took place in August 2016. As such, ever since, Overwatch was one of the sports e-sSports that led to the rise of eSports in general.

Final Thoughts

The Overwatch eSports industry has been growing thanks to how fun the game is. Thanks to this, there is always an Overwatch league held by an eSport organization to look forward to, especially if you make sure to check the Overwatch eSports news. If you want a fun first-person shooter game to play or want to bet on one, Overwatch is always there.