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Player ID Player Name Total Earnings Rating Last Game
1 Aixleft Zuo Zixuan $ 138966 415 2 months ago
2 MMing Chen Yinan $ 504349 408 2 months ago
3 CRAZY112 Dai Aoqi $ 231555 383 2 months ago
4 Lilghost Luo Shengjun $ 125204 380 2 months ago
5 LuLualways Li Lu $ 23722 364 2 months ago
6 Cui71 Choi Yun-hyuk $ 53523 353 2 months ago
7 shou Wang Kang $ 175166 345 2 months ago
8 seoul Cho Gi-yeol $ 102030 338 2 months ago
9 YUPPIE Feng Guoyuan $ 35640 337 2 months ago
10 xwudd Wu Bo $ 38968 326 2 months ago
11 ZpYan1 Zhou Pinyan $ 497009 319 2 months ago
12 Tang Tang Jinyao $ 58507 317 2 months ago
13 Nannnnn Li Nanjiang $ 491607 315 2 months ago
14 D1gg3r1 Daniel Luusua $ 90545 313 2 months ago
15 77owo Yang Yuxuan $ 56060 312 2 months ago
16 HSmm Wang Yanwen $ 482651 309 2 months ago
17 Nourinz Thanaporn Udomphonampai $ 72587 308 2 months ago
18 guizeera Guilherme Barbosa $ 566 304 2 months ago
19 SIA Zhu Mozhou $ 47769 299 2 months ago
20 xTong Zhou Xiaotong $ 37177 298 2 months ago

Best PUBG Players in the Professional Field

PUBG is a sensational battle royale game that people love to play on their PC, mobile phone, Xbox, or PlayStation. Not only is it a very entertaining game that keeps all the best PUBG players engaged, but it also allowed a good number of individuals to start making money from eSports.

If you’re not new to eSports, perhaps you’re aware of how many players become professionals or start their own streaming channels online. Some gamers go as far as becoming the best in the world, gaining crowds of supporters.
Seeing this may have made you want to be part of the professional PUBG players group too. To do this, you may want to take a look at some of the other pro gamers in PUBG so you can follow their example.

Here is a list of some big names in the PUBG eSports field:

  • Ubah

Ubah is often referred to as the best player in Europe. He started getting popular by streaming Dota 2 games, but what truly made him gain worldwide recognition is his participation in competitive PUBG matches. He used to be a part of FaZe Clan, but he is currently playing for Natus Vincere.
Ubah is one of the top PUBG players who helped his team win in the PUBG Nations Cup 2019, as well as the PUBG Continental Series 2: Europe 2020 event. Although he didn’t win every competition, he always placed high.

  • nOOzy

If you want to be named MVP when you’re playing professional PUBG games, perhaps you should look towards nOOzy. He is a known Thai gamer, and his popularity exploded when he participated in the PMPL: Thailand Season 3 event, which is what led to his title.
Of course, his success did not end there. In the PMPL: SEA Championship Season 3 tournament, he also got the MVP title.

  • Paraboy

Paraboy has been a consistent name on the PUBG eSports schedule, so we cannot exclude him from this top. The gamer has been referred to as the best PUBG player at just 19 years old, which surely put him in the spotlight.
Not only he’s one of the pro PUBG players who won many tournaments, but he also earned a lot of money during his gaming career, exceeding $1.3 million.

  • 33Svan

33Svan is also one of the PUBG top players, as he has been one of the concurrent high-ranking gamers for a while. In the 2021 World Championship final, he placed 2nd, whereas in the PUBG Mobile World Championship League he was the winner.

These aren’t his only highlights, though. The player also got various titles during the championships, more specifically Last Man Standing, Damage Master, and MVP.

Final Thoughts

You may need someone to motivate you to work hard to become a pro PUBG player. Therefore, look into the players in this post – you’ll find them interesting for sure and look forward to their future performances.