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Team Name Earned Rating
1 VP $ 396591 0.00
2 TSM $ 292923 0.00
3 NH $ 270217 0.36
4 TL $ 174021 0.00
5 QM $ 141000 204.00
6 17 $ 116463 595.00
7 KPI $ 110405 0.00
8 OATH $ 106959 0.00
9 FURY $ 106551 0.00
10 UK $ 100322 0.00
11 Entus $ 98493 0.00
12 Tian $ 95853 0.36
13 SSG $ 88668 0.00
14 GE $ 85025 0.00
15 DAY $ 83969 136.00
16 SQ $ 74000 0.36
17 KX $ 71215 0.00
18 DIG $ 66459 0.00
19 MCG $ 64822 0.00
20 BRA $ 58000 0.00


Team Tournament
PML 2023 P1 $ 16571
PJC 2023 P1 $ 39128
PLS 2023 S1 $ 2395
PJCS 2023 P1 -
PTS 2023 P1 -
PJC 2022 Final $ 20874
YPD $ 8000
PLT APAC $ 5000
PJCS 2022 Final -
Frag League S9 $ 24764

Best Professional PUBG Teams Right Now

As PUBG got more popular over the years, people from all across the world became interested in it. They joined the game, started learning its mechanics, and got better at it until they eventually started placing higher and higher in the rankings. Some of them went on to become pro players, and some even joined large PUBG teams.

Nowadays, there’s no shortage of PUBG eSport teams. Whenever a big tournament unfolds, you’ll know who the teams and players who participate will be. But if you’re just now starting to watch pro league games, you may not know which eSport teams are worth supporting.

Don’t worry – this article will give you some top teams that will surely not disappoint with their performance.

1. Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere is a team name you’ve probably heard before. The eSports organization has been popular among many game communities. So, it was time for them to join PUBG too, and not only they did do it, but they also signed some popular names, including Glory and OldBoy.

NaVi is one of the best teams in the game. When they participated in the PUBG Mobile Pro League – S1 2021: EMEA Championship, they were the winners. As such, they managed to take home $40,000. They are also considered one of the top EMEA region groups.

2. Alpha 7 Esports

Since 2020, Alpha 7 Esports has been a consistent name in PUBG tournaments. The Brazilian team signed renowned players like SenaTexa and Carrilho on top of others.

Many consider it to be the best eSports team after they were able to place 5th in the PUBG Mobile Pro League S1 2021: Americas Championship but also win the PUBG Mobile Masters League S13 Americas Edition.

3. Team Weibo

An eSport team PUBG that has been gaining a lot of recognition recently has been Team Weibo. Previously, the squad used to be known as ELG Gaming, but after Weibo acquired it, the team changed names.

After winning PMCO 2019 Berlin, it was clear that this group was destined for great things. They were able to win in the Peacekeeper Elite League Invitational and the Peacekeeper Elite League 2021 Season 1, which brought them more fans than ever.

4. Nova Esports

Nova Esports is an eSports team name you’ve heard before probably – at least if you’re somehow watching the eSports news. This group is known to be very successful in PUBG mobile, as they won the PUBG Mobile Club Open: Spring Split 2019. This is not the only league the team eSport PUBG has won, though.

If you want to support a team that has a high chance to succeed, Nova Esports is the perfect candidate.

Final Thoughts

The teams on this list are always likely to make it to the grand finals of any competition. Make sure to check the schedule and see when they’ll compete.