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Tournament Name Prize Teams Players
1 PML 2023 P1 $ 16571 8 teams No Info
2 PJC 2023 P1 $ 39128 6 teams No Info
3 PLS 2023 S1 $ 2395 25 teams 103 players
4 PJCS 2023 P1 No Info No Info No Info
5 PTS 2023 P1 No Info 16 teams No Info
6 YPD $ 8000 16 teams 67 players
7 PJC 2022 Final $ 20874 16 teams 67 players
8 PLT APAC $ 5000 16 teams 76 players
9 PJCS 2022 Final No Info 16 teams 70 players
10 Frag League S9 $ 24764 35 teams 145 players
11 Czech Championship 2022 $ 6391 17 teams 66 players
12 Predator League 2022 $ 141601 63 teams 254 players
13 PGC 2022 $ 2000000 32 teams 135 players
14 SAZKA S1 Winter $ 11919 18 teams 78 players
15 GWC 2022 $ 2614 18 teams 106 players
16 PLS 2022 S3 $ 4493 56 teams 207 players
17 PCS Series 7 EU $ 230000 35 teams 130 players
18 PCS Series 7 Asia $ 230000 16 teams 67 players
19 LPL 2022 S2 $ 2269 15 teams 77 players
20 TAPS $ 30000 16 teams 67 players

PUBG Tournaments – Best Events You Can Watch

It’s not a surprise that PUBG is one of the most iconic games in the battle royale genre. Since the day it was released, this game proved that it has all that’s necessary to make players fall in love with it and want to stick around. This ended up being the case, especially when PUBG got big in eSports and resulted in numerous PUBG online tournaments with great prize money amounts.

Every single year, there are various massive PUBG tournaments that people are eager to watch. Chances are you don’t want to miss the fun of any of these events. So, which tournament should you get ready for next?
This post will present some of the tournaments PUBG that will give you the desired dose of entertainment.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship

Anyone who loves the mobile version of PUBG is always looking forward to all the PUBG mobile tournaments that are available. One that never fails to make watchers happy is the PUBG Mobile Global Championship.
A very popular event from this series unfolded in 2020. It was broadcasted in over 10 languages, and it reached a viewership of 3.8 million viewers. It was one of the most anticipated eSports tournaments, so it only makes sense the public was so numerous.

PUBG Invitational Events

Let’s be honest: you cannot play PUBG and have no idea about the PUBG Invitational tournaments. They are perhaps the largest and most praised events for PUBG, with one such tournament unfolding regularly.
This year, Tencent Games and KRAFTON collaborated with ESL and Gamers8, becoming the organizer group of the Invitational event for mobile. With a prize pool of $2,000,000 in total, the winners, respectively Vampire Esports, took home $525,000.

PUBG Global Championship

One of the eSports tournaments PUBG that people are looking forward to in 2022 is the PUBG Global Championship. Many people refer to it as the greatest event in the history of PUBG.
Last year, it was truly spectacular. Not only did it feature some outstanding teams, but it also offered a prize pool of $4.3 million. Now, people are expecting even more from this year’s edition.
PGC is set to take place at the end of 2022, so make sure you’re ready for when it starts.

PUBG Nations Cup

The PUBG Nations Cup tournament is surely one that PUBG fans have been waiting for. It’s been a while since the last one, as it previously took place in 2019 before not being organized for the next two years.

In 2019, Russia was the one with the best results, winning the tournament and taking home a prize of $100k. But 2022 had a different winner, respectively the United Kingdom.

There may be PNC events in the future again, so look out for them.

Final Thoughts

It’s always nice to watch other eSports players working hard to win games. Consider watching the events here if you want to see some of the biggest names in the game showing off their skills.