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Recent Player Earnings

Recent Tournaments

Date Event Prize Pool
2023-11-01 PASC 2023 Winter $ 100000
2023-10-01 PGS 2023 P2 No Info
2023-09-01 PJC 2023 P2 $ 37185
2023-05-01 PJCS 2023 P1 #1 No Info
2023-05-01 PASC 2023 Summer $ 100000
2023-04-01 PGS 2023 P1 No Info
2023-03-25 PAS 2023 P1 $ 103000

PUBG Esports Tips and Tricks to Master PUBG

PUBG is one of the most famous names in gaming, especially when it comes to battle royale games. It requires a lot of knowledge and skill, and it takes a while to master. The best players in the game spent years trying to learn everything about it, and they were able to make themselves known in the eSport community.

If you’ve played PUBG even for a short amount of time, you know that it’s not easy. There are a lot of things to consider during a match, including weapons, the map, defending yourself, killing the other players, and so on. But excelling at the game is not impossible. If many others were able to take the higher spots in PUBG rankings, you can do it too if you work hard enough.

So, if you want to join the world of PUBG eSports too, here are some tips that will help you out:

  • Always Check the Mini-Map

In PUBG, you will not always have to pause the game to open a large map and see where the best spots are. The game provides you with a mini map that tells you your location at all times, while also letting you know whether you’re in a safe zone or not.

Ideally, you should always be in the Safe Zone, so during the games, make sure you don’t leave these zones. Also, look out for opponents. Usually, you will see a small arrow on the mini map which tells you where the footstep sound is coming from.

The map may be small, but it comes in handy a lot.

  • Decide When to Drop

Any PUBG game starts with the 100 players dropping on the map. But you should not just rush to throw yourself from the transport plane without caring where you’ll drop. Doing it at the right time and in the right spot can boost your chances of survival or extend the amount of time you’ll last in the match.

Always be careful and drop when you’re sure about it. Not only that but pay attention to other players and see if they drop at the same time. This way, you’ll be ready to face them if necessary.

  • Look for Weapons

Scavenging for weapons is one of the most important things to do once you land on the ground. Search for items that will benefit you during the game, as they will be scattered around for you or others to find.
Also, memorize the best locations for good weapons and other equipment. Generally, government buildings, military bases, warehouses, and other such places will offer gear of higher quality.

  • Be Aware of the Limits of Your Inventory

New players are tempted to pick up whatever they find. But top players know that this is not what you should do – especially in the absence of a backpack. Your inventory is limited, and if you just carelessly collect everything, your inventory will be full before you know it, preventing you from picking up better equipment.

Always know when to pick up weapons and other items and when to refrain from doing it.

  • Make Sure You Have Medical Supplies

When you are playing PUBG, you need to do everything you can to stay alive – especially if you want to join international competitions. Not only you should know how to take shelter and refrain from being the victim of the other players, but you should also consider using some medical supplies.

Now, don’t expect your health to regenerate because it simply won’t happen. At the same time, you can use bandages to survive longer.

  • Join Teams

You don’t want to be alone in the virtual world of PUBG. You can also play with other people, either in a squad or as a duo. If you check PUBG eSport news frequently, you will see that many PUBG teams are participating in majors.

The great thing about teaming up with friends is that you can cooperate, find equipment together and tell each other when you spot opponents. You can also support each other.

Final Thoughts

If you want to join a PUBG international eSport tournament, you must practice your PUBG skills and master the game. Use the tips in this post and you’ll be able to get a higher PUBG eSport rank.