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Tournament Name Prize Teams Players
1 Major USA 2023 $ 750000 No Info No Info
2 Major Copenhagen 2023 $ 750000 No Info No Info
3 Asia League 2023 $ 145000 17 teams No Info
4 GA 2023 $ 5410 No Info No Info
5 Voltage League S1 No Info 5 teams No Info
6 LATAM League 2023 No Info 8 teams No Info
7 RJL 2023 $ 145350 10 teams No Info
8 MENA League 2023 $ 50000 8 teams No Info
9 NAL 2023 $ 200000 17 teams No Info
10 EUL 2023 $ 185180 10 teams No Info
11 Oceania League 2023 $ 50500 10 teams No Info
12 Brazil League 2023 $ 179000 10 teams No Info
13 SK League 2023 $ 139840 8 teams No Info
14 Saudi eLeague 2023 $ 106570 8 teams No Info
15 FUKUROI CUP 2023 No Info 4 teams No Info
16 Six Invitational 2023 $ 3000000 103 teams No Info
17 6S 2023 $ 7600 8 teams No Info
18 Columbus Invitational 2023 $ 10000 26 teams No Info
19 TEC Invitational $ 10000 8 teams No Info
20 UKIN 2023 $ 2727 9 teams No Info

Rainbow Six – Best Rainbow Six Tournaments to Look Out for

Rainbow Six is currently one of the eSports games ruling the industry. It got the attention of millions of people, and for this reason, it now has tournaments unfolding every year. These events are where the best players are showing off their skills and strategies and where they could potentially become champions.

But those who are just now joining Rainbow Six do not know when these events are taking place or which Rainbow Six tournaments they should watch. If you’re a fan of Siege and want to enjoy the fun of big events, then this post will tell you about some of the top Rainbow Six Siege gaming tournaments you shouldn’t miss.

1. Six Invitational

Six Invitational is the tournament we had to name first on this list because this is the one championship all fans and pro gamers are looking forward to.

This is definitely one of the best events of the sort, mainly because it has the best Rainbow Six Siege tournament prize and because it features the best players and teams.

Six Invitational events started taking place in 2017 and there has been an annual edition ever since. The prize pool kept increasing over time, and so did the viewership.

Every year, the competition saw a different team winning the prize. 2022 saw TSM FTX winning the event, whereas 2020 saw Spacestation Gaming doing it and 2021 had Ninjas in Pyjamas as the winners.
This is a gaming tournament with very unpredictable outcomes, and you don’t want to miss it.

2. Regional R6 Leagues

Rainbow Six doesn’t only have large competitions. There are also some smaller, regional ones that they can watch while waiting for bigger ones to return.

One team will qualify through a Six Invitational qualification system for every single region, so one team will be able to participate in the European, APAC, and other regions.

Some regional tournaments with nice rewards include the European League, Korean Open, APAC South / APAC North, North American League, and Campeonato Sudamericano.

3. Six Major

Another Rainbow Six Siege tournament of champions that fans love to watch is the Six Major. The first event like this appeared on the R6 schedule in 2018, and it took place in Paris. It had the 16 best R6 teams on the planet competing against each other for a prize of $350k.

Ever since, the prize pool increased, reaching $500k. What is notable is that, unlike the Six Invitational, the Six Major has several tournaments during the year. This gives fans even more competitions to watch while offering teams more chances to win some good sums of money.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to watch the Rainbow Six Siege biggest tournament or smaller events, you have a lot of options. Don’t hesitate to turn on your PC and watch some of the events listed here.