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Player ID Player Name Total Earnings Rating Last Game
1 Dep Yuma Hisamoto $ 2809 No Info 1 year ago
2 ShahZaM Shahzeeb Khan $ 101818 No Info 1 year ago
3 sinatraa Jay Won $ 25918 No Info 1 year ago
4 dizzy No Info No Info No Info 2 years ago
5 SicK Hunter Mims $ 101918 No Info 1 year ago
6 zombs Jared Gitlin $ 101818 No Info 1 year ago
7 Skadoodle Tyler Latham $ 7850 No Info 1 year ago
8 EliGE No Info No Info No Info 2 years ago
9 crashies Austin Roberts $ 22450 No Info 1 year ago
10 AZK Keven Larivière $ 6250 No Info 1 year ago
11 brax Braxton Pierce $ 6850 No Info 1 year ago
12 Sonii Michael Sherman $ 350 No Info 2 years ago
13 witmer Shawn Taylor $ 16 No Info 1 year ago
14 vow No Info No Info No Info 1 year ago
15 kaboose Jake Mcdonald $ 16200 No Info 1 year ago
16 Kurt Kurtis Gallo $ 16 No Info 1 year ago
17 Relyks Skyler Weaver $ 5250 No Info 1 year ago
18 Hiko Spencer Martin $ 20250 No Info 1 year ago
19 anger Todd Williams $ 410 No Info 1 year ago
20 thief Brady Dever $ 8900 No Info 1 year ago

Ultimate Guide for Valorant Players and Their Roles

Valorant, just like its sibling, League of Legends, is a first-person shooter where you have to take out your enemies. With that said, whether you enter by yourself for the first time or you want to make it to the league match history, you will need to be part of a team – and all players will have their role.

If you want to become one of the top Valorant players, you need to understand your role in the game as well.

Categories of Valorant eSports Players

Valorant players are commonly called Agents within the game and are divided into four different categories: controllers, duelists, initiators, and sentinels. Each category will have a list of preset characters for you to choose from. These characters are chosen based on your skillset and playing style. Overall, here is what the best Valorant players can choose from:


As their name suggests, controllers are professional Valorant players that are mainly in charge of the plan. They use strategy to keep the team together and will work the map to their advantage to bring the victory.


Duelists are also Valorant pro players with a very important role: they need to take down as many attackers are they can. Duelists are sent to the frontline, which means they have to have superior battle skills.


Initiators usually have lower Valorant player rankings compared to Duelists, which is why they are often called in as backups. Their purpose is to break the formation of the enemy teams so that the duelists can continue taking enemies down.


Sentinels are also a type of backup, but unlike initiators, their role is to stay alive for as much as possible, away from the frontlines. They help maintain the minimum Valorant players count at the end of a battle, improving the chances of winning.

Becoming the Best Valorant Player

Each gamer has the chance of becoming the best player in Valorant. By winning matches and joining tournaments, you increase the chances of being ranked as a top player increases. The more games are won, the higher their chances of becoming a worldwide player will be.

Right now, there are on average 15 million users on the platform, 1.5 million of which log in every day. All those players are competing to be labeled the best, joining teams, and putting the skills of their characters to good use.

Final Thoughts

Each Valorant player has his/her purpose there. The first step is choosing the character that they want to play, and then advancing in their ranks. This can be done using skins or weapons and winning games in tournaments. No matter if you are experienced or just starting, there is a Valorant player for you to try out.