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Team Name Earned Rating
1 OPTC $ 499000 0.00
2 G2.G $ 208872 0.65
3 XSET $ 180500 35.20
4 SR GC $ 146000 0.40
5 C9W $ 110000 0.08
6 GLD $ 69915 0.00
7 GLD.X $ 52263 0.45
8 M3C $ 50986 0.00
9 NIP $ 48212 0.00
10 VLT $ 46400 0.00
11 GHOST $ 43000 0.00
12 X10S $ 41200 0.45
13 ONIC $ 36500 0.00
14 TGRD $ 30000 0.00
15 OGLU $ 28787 0.00
16 SBE $ 27822 0.00
17 CES $ 26319 0.00
18 LG $ 25250 0.00
19 MAJKL $ 25000 0.00
20 TEN $ 24515 0.00


Valorant Teams – How to Create the Top Winning Team

Valorant is highly appreciated as a single-player game where you can hone your skills and battle your enemies. However, just like League of Legends, its sibling, Valorant is much more fun when you play it as a team.

By joining Valorant eSports teams, you will be able to play with your friends or join the top names on their way to victory. By joining tournaments together with your team members, you have more chances of winning the grand prize and becoming a top player yourself.

How Many Players Does a Valorant Team Have?

Valorant teams have a total of 5 players, each with their role in the game. They can be duelists, initiators, controllers, or sentinels, depending on their style of playing. Each team will need to have champions at the frontlines and in the backlines, to improve the chances of them winning the games.

How to Create the Best ESports Teams

To create the top eSports teams, there are certain steps that you will have to follow. This includes:

Determine the Player Category

When creating a team, each player needs to be placed in its own category. Depending on the number of players that you intend for your team to have, you also need to determine which category of players you will most benefit from.

Find Agents

Look for people looking to join a team. If you are one of the top Valorant teams, you can try the tier list provided by the gaming platform. Community social media groups are also a good place for you to find team members.

Learn their Abilities

Before getting into the game with your new team, learn of their abilities first. There are several characters in the game, all with their own set of skills, which you can use to your benefit. See how their combat or defensive skills can be put to good use in your team.

Valorant Team Rankings

The top Valorant eSport teams are ranked based on their geographic area – namely, in North America and Europe. Some popular eSport team names include FNATIC, FunPlus Phoenix, Guild eSports, and Team Liquid from Europe, but also OpTic Gaming, XSET, FaZe Clan, and NRG Esports from North America.

The teams rankings are made based on the number of victories that the professional team had. All eSports teams have the chance of breaking into team rankings and become pro Valorant teams.

To enter high eSports rankings, the team has to win numerous tournaments and increase their team value.

The Bottom Line

Various eSports team names make it to the top of the world teams – and all it takes is teamwork. Once you have reached the ranked teams league, you will experience the perks of being at the top with your teammates.