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Tournament Name Prize Teams Players
1 VALORANT Champions 2023 No Info No Info No Info
2 VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo No Info No Info No Info
3 CVC No Info 8 teams No Info
4 VCT 2023 HK&TW S2 Challengers No Info No Info No Info
5 VCT 2023 LAN S2 Challengers No Info No Info No Info
6 VCT 2023 LAS S2 Challengers No Info No Info No Info
7 CWST $ 10000 No Info No Info
8 CSST $ 10000 No Info No Info
9 CEST $ 10000 No Info No Info
10 CNST $ 10000 No Info No Info
11 VCT 2023 JP S2 Challengers $ 36941 No Info No Info
12 VCT 2023 NE S2 Challengers $ 21588 No Info No Info
13 VCT 2023 EMEA No Info 10 teams No Info
14 VCT 2023 Pacific No Info 10 teams No Info
15 VCT 2023 Americas No Info 10 teams No Info
16 VEU S2 Stage 1 Finals $ 7500 2 teams No Info
17 VCT 2023 GC BR S1 $ 30476 8 teams 40 players
18 KVC 2023 $ 2000 No Info No Info
19 AC 2023 $ 10000 6 teams No Info
20 VEU S2 Stage 1 Monthly Cup #2 $ 1000 No Info No Info

The Player’s Guide to the Champions Valorant Tournament

Valorant tournaments are an opportunity for regular players to become the best players and earn more rewards than they would do in a regular game. These tournaments are usually a once-a-year opportunity, with Champions being the last and possibly the biggest gaming tournament in the series. Read on to find out more!

Valorant Tournament Formats

The Valorant tournament format is set into two stages: The Group Stage and the Playoffs. The format of the tournament is similar to the Valorant Masters Tournament, but Champions is mainly for those who are more involved with the eSport.

As the Valorant community keeps growing, likely, another stage will eventually be added. However, at the moment, the eSports tournaments break down in the following manner:

Group Stage

Sixteen teams can enter the group stage, all of which will be split into groups of four. Only two teams from each group will be sent forward in the playoffs. The groups will play two opening matches, one winners’ match, an elimination match, and a deciders match. The remaining teams will be sent towards the second stage – namely, the playoffs.


The final eight teams that proved victorious in the first group stage will be sent forward into the online tournaments – in the Playoff Stage, to be more precise. The Best of 3 will battle each other out until the Grand Final reaches an end.

The eSport events will feature a double elimination bracket so that they can have more chances of winning from the prize pool.

Valorant Tournament Schedule

Tournaments take place throughout the whole year, which is why you will need to keep an eye on the Valorant schedule on their tournament platform. This year, the tournament is set between September 2nd and September 18th, which is a little over two weeks. During that time, each player has the opportunity to take a shot at the prize pool.

The Champion’s Prize Pool

There is a reason why people are looking forward to the Champions tournament, and that reason is the prize pool. Riot Games has set a prize pool of around $2,600,000, which may go higher if Riot ads more loot in the prize pool (such as themed skin lines or other similar items).

Riot also has a history of using crowdfunding to increase the prize pool of the League of Legends World Championship. While not confirmed, there is a possibility that such a thing can happen here as well.

The Bottom Line

Valorant tournaments are great for experienced players that want to take a shot at becoming pros. If you reach the playoff stage, even if you do not win, your ranking will still increase. Put together a team and take a shot at becoming the winner of a tournament!