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Fortnite Players – A Guide to Recognizing Pro Fortnite Players

At this point, there are more than 350 million players all over the world playing Fortnite – and the Fortnite Players count is growing more with each passing day. Around 30 million players also log on to their Xbox every day in order to play at least a round of Fortnite, making the game very popular among eSports.
But how are Fortnite players differentiated from one another? What are the types of Fortnite players that you will likely see? What are the Fortnite best players out there?

Typical Fortnite Player Age Groups

Fortnite accepts players of pretty much any age group, as there is no age verification process. With that said, the creators recommend that only children aged 12+ play this game, due to the fighting and moderate (slightly cartoonish) violence occurring in the game.
Pro Fortnite players are typically between the ages of 18 and 24, with almost 63% of the players being within this age range. The most famous players of 2022 are Arkhram (Diego Palma), Rehx (Brodie Franks), and EpikWhale (Shane Cotton), all of them being from the United States.

Fortnite Player Types

Fortnite is a type of free-play game that does not need official separation between the players. That being said, top players separate themselves in their battle style. Fortnite pro players will often be differentiated in the following way.
• The Builder
Fortnite, especially Battle Royale, is a game where you build numerous structures that can help you win a battle. As a result, Fortnite concurrent players going solo may decide to build various structures, to protect themselves from incoming attacks.
They may also be the builder of a team, building the forts and walls while their other team members are fending off the enemy.
• She Sharpshooter
Unlike the builder whose main focus is to create protective walls, sharpshooters are the types of players that go out there on the map and get rid of the enemy. Many consider them the best Fortnite players, as they are the ones who take out the most enemies.
They often have great combat skills when dealing with other shooters, but when facing a builder, they are very often trapped in a defensive stance.
• The Explorer
Explorers are mostly focused on exploring the maps and taming animals. Their purpose is not to take out the competition but to unlock potential game secrets. These players usually understand the storyline of the game and follow it thoroughly – only taking out their enemies when they are forced into combat.

The Bottom Line

All Fortnite players can discover themselves within the game, finding their style and going up the ranks. Regardless of the approach you take, you have all the chances of becoming a pro player yourself.